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All our products can be shipped to the entire territory of Greece by the Company Rolling Yarn, whose registered offices are at  88 Ignatiou Petroupoli Athens Greece, VAT number 116198068. To communicate with us or ask for advice, you may contact our Customer Service Rolling Yarn , phone number 6977818559 or by mail, email address rollingyarn1@gmail.com or to this address  88 Ignatiou Petroupoli Athens Greece.All complaints should be directly addressed to the Company through its contact information and should be explicitly explained.



The Company collects and processes your personal data only provided there is a legal reason for such process.

In case you proceed to product purchase or you willingly, expressly and in written form provide your consent to the Company to make use of your personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, preferences and nutrition habits etc), the Company may collect your information into a non-public file so as to process it for the following legal reasons and in accordance with a valid basis of authority each time: to provide services and products you choose through sellers, either through the Company website or any other form of communication (for example, the performance of the contract, the delivery of purchased products, the performance of charges and payments, contact with the sellers upon your request or initiative, product presentation etc.), to provide guarantee and check guarantee beneficiaries, to ensure quality customer service as well as to promote products, inform about new products and services, events, current offers, gift delivery- only if you have beforehand expressly provide the Company with your consent and finally to conduct market research for the optimisation, through this information, of the Company products and services.

If you do not wish for the Company to keep and process your personal information for future promotional actions, you are requested to fill in the corresponding field and refrain from submitting it.

In case you no longer wish for the Company to keep and process your personal information, you hold the right to ask, in written form, for it to be deleted at any time.

You hold the right to exercise the following rights at any time:

  1. your right to access your personal information which has been collected by the Company, that is information relevant to categories of data of personal nature the Company owns or controls, as well as the reasons it is used,information on where it has been collected, if not directly from you, to whom it has been disclosed, where applicable, the reasons for processing it, its recipients or recipient categories, the processing going on since your last being informed about it as well as information on the logic involved in automatic processing, where applicable.
  2. your right to correct your personal information so as for the Company to keep your personal data accurate and complete.
  3. your right to delete your personal information should it no longer be necessary considering the reason it has been collected by the Company originally or the reason it has been processed, provided this has been done with your consent, has no longer legal grounds, unless aforementioned processing is necessary for the Company complying with its legal obligations, which demand processing or defend the legal provisions of the latter.
  4. the right to object, at any time, to your personal information being processed due to a particular situation, provided that this processing is not dependent on your consent but on the Company’s or a third-party’s legitimate interest.
  5. the right to withdraw your consent at any time when your personal information is processed with your consent.
  6. the right to limitation of processing of your personal information in case its accuracy is questioned and for the time set by the Company so as to verify it as well as in case its retention is necessary for supporting, performing or defending any legal claim you may have towards the Company and in case of objection to your data being processed, for as long the Company is prioritising its legitimate interests towards you.
  7. the right to object to automated individual decision making, including your profiling.
  8. the right to lodge a complaint every time you consider that there has been a breach of the legislation in effect. You can lodge your complaint either to the supervisory authority of the country where you reside or the country the alleged breach took place.

The Company follows all GDPR 2016/679 EU provisions. The owner and responsible for holding and processing all personal data files to serve aforementioned purposes is   Anagnostou Eirini, residing in 88 Ignatiou street Petroupoli Athens Greece, P.O box 13231, telephone number  6977818559, where all requests regarding specific actions of exercising customers’/visitors’ rights of personal data use should be addressed, as well as via email in  rollingyarn1@gmail.com .



All product prices appearing on the website are final and include taxes. Prices when paying by instalments differ from prices when paying in cash since buying a product in credit bears further expenses. In any case, before your purchase, you will be informed of the final price to be paid. Prices are subject to alterations without prior notice. The terms of purchase contract are the same as the terms of sale as set out on our website.All interested parties can be informed about product prices, delivery and any additional cost through our website before purchasing or through a sales consultant before placing an order. We accept all credit cards and up to 12 instalments, debit and credit cards for paying in full and money order/transfer via web banking  Account owner name Anagnostou Eirini , vivawallet bank,  IBAN GR7270100000000486504390025 .

The contract of purchase is concluded upon product payment by the customer. As product payment, the Company considers full payment of the product with the Company receiving the corresponding amount or the final and unreserved debiting of its bank account with the corresponding amount. The credit terms when paying by credit card are related to the contractual relations between the consumer and their Bank of choice.



Delivery of available products is fulfilled within a reasonable time and certainly within 30 calendar days upon product payment. In case the product has not been delivered to you or you have received no notice by the Courier company of the expected delivery date within 30 calendar days, please contact us via email at rollingyarn1@gmail.com so as to ensure delivery within another 7 days. In case the product fails to be delivered within this period, you hold the right to terminate the contract and to request a refund, upon sending relevant electronic correspondence to the same email address as the one mentioned above.

Delivery is carried out by a courier company at a time and place designated by the carrier and the purchaser is solely responsible to get hold of the product they have purchased. If the order has been placed via the website or a phone call and the parties involved for the product to be picked up in the shop, delivery will take place in the shop at a time and date agreed upon with the customer. Delivery via the courier company the Company works with is free of charge/ includes standard charges. The Company reserves the right to deliver the product via any other means or via special delivery upon request and extra charge of the customer. The Company shall not deliver products to third parties, underage people or people under guardianship, without written proof that they are authorised to receive the product by the customer-parent or guardian.  The Company will not be held liable for any failure to fulfill or delay in the execution (delivery included) which has been caused by events not subject to our reasonable control or events of Force Majeure, including the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, however it shall make every effort to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

The Company is not to be held liable for any form of delay in case of products not being readily available. The customer will be able to be informed of their order status or express any possible complaints by calling the Company.

Our products are always in stock. In case a product is out of stock, you shall receive information via email regarding the cancelation of your order and our withdrawal from the purchase contract. In this case, you are entitled to a refund.

Our Company has taken and will take all necessary measures for correct product price display on its website. In the unlikely event of an error in price display due to technical reasons,  you shall receive information via email regarding the cancelation of your order and our withdrawal from the purchase contract. In this case, you are entitled to a refund.

The Company holds the right to change or withdraw offers at any time by simply updating the content on its eshop. Depending on what offer runs each time, there will be an update on the eshop which will be in effect for the future as well.



The consumer holds the right of withdrawal only if they have purchased the product off physical store or via ecommerce. In such cases, the consumer can receive the purchased products without any commitment and the following shall apply: Acquisition of physical ownership of the product by a third-party, other than the carrier, designated by the consumer shall be considered as Product receipt. In accordance with the Act 2251/1994, the consumer holds the right to state their withdrawal from the contract without justification within fourteen (14) calendar days from the following day of product delivery. In this case, the Company will return the corresponding amount including any shipping costs. The consumer however is responsible for packaging expenses and return costs, which they will have to pay to the courier company designated by the Company according to the courier company’s current pricing policy.

All returns must be send to the following address 88 Ignatiou st Petroupoli po box 13231 Athens Greece,  telephone number .6977818559.

As soon as the Company receives the returned product, there will be an assessment  according to the following terms and you are to receive information via email.

The Company will refund the consumer (product price and original shipping costs)- in case the consumer has chosen a more expensive delivery method than standard shipping, only the cheaper delivery method offered by the Company shall be refunded, provided it includes charges- in the same way the consumer performed product payment, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day the Company has been informed of the withdrawal and having prior received the product in excellent condition, sealed and untampered with, in its original sealed packaging, without it having been opened, with all its documents, information, instructions etc included in the package as well as the purchase receipt or invoice (packaging expenses and return costs are not refunded). In case of products on offer, the whole package must be returned.

More specifically, in case payment has been made by credit card, the Company is obliged, within this period, to inform the Bank of transaction cancelation. After this step, the Company bears no responsibility, since reversal is from then on subject to the contract signed by the consumer with the Bank that has issued the credit card.

In case of payment on delivery, the refund will be deposited into the bank account designated by the consumer in the withdrawal document. For a faster and easier service, the consumer can use the withdrawal document included in the documents the consumer receives when the purchased product is delivered, without it being obligatory.



Our return policy does not apply to products that are unsuitable to be returned, so as to ensure health or hygiene protection, or have been unsealed upon delivery, or products that, for any reason after delivery, due to the way they are, have been mixed with other elements and cannot be separated, provided the consumer has asked the Company to perform a special visit so as to fix or maintain, or any other product in protected packaging that has been unsealed after delivery.

If you have not received confirmation for the return of the product, you can contact us via email at rollingyarn1@gmail.com  and “Order cancelation” as the subject and include the order details.

The Company holds no responsibility for any consumer’s direct, indirect,specific, incidental or subsequent damage, loss of profit, reputation damage,clientele damage, status damage or for the cost of substitutes and services occurring from or are related to the sale and purchases contracts which are formed on the website or the eshop or their use or inability to use or operate them.



The Company undertakes the replacement of a product sold, free of charge exclusively and only if there is a manufacturing defect (seller’s liability for actual defects) according to the article 534 of the Greek Civil Law and the article 5 of the Act 2251/1994.

Provided it is in fact a defective product or a product lacking in agreed qualities and provided you have informed the Company within reasonable time which is laid down by the guarantee and/or the Law, we will then contact you so as to agree on a way to repair or replace the product, unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs. In any case of our liability, as laid down by law, for a defective product or lack of agreed qualities that can undoubtedly be proven, the buyer has the right of choice either to ask for a lower price or to withdraw from the contract unless it is a matter of minor actual defect.

For any request to be valid, the document of proof of purchase (or a copy of it) must be presented. The guarantee applies only to new products sold by the Company.


Exceptions and limitations:

The replacement guarantee does not apply to or cover the following:

  • Misuse of products or use that does not conform to the function and specifications of the product.
  • Normal wear.
  • Any damage caused during product transferring

The guarantee does not cover damage or wear caused by improper or of poor quality raw materials.



The Company bears no liability except for the coverage of any positive damage of the consumer as high as the defective products purchase value, provided it is proven that it has derived from or causally associated with an actual defect.



The relationship with the Company, the terms of sale, the terms of website and eshop use, all transactions between consumers and the Company are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Greek Law. You agree to accept the terms explicitly expressed in any way in all the website and eshop and you agree that you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of Athens, Greece.

According to the Directive 2013/11/EC, as incorporated in Greece via the JMD 70330/2015, disputing parties are now given the option of resolving any consumer disputes online through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process across the European Union. If the buyer has the capacity of a consumer ( a physical person who has bought the product strictly for personal/non-commercial use) and has any problems with the purchase they carried out on our website, they are asked to initiate the Alternative Dispute Resolution process via the designated platform for online dispute resolution following this link: https://bit.ly/3cDPGY3.

In this way, any possible dispute deriving from ecommerce can undergo the process of resolution online.

The institution that is certified for this reason, Alternative Dispute Resolution body (ADR Body) is the European Consumer Centre (ECC Greece)- Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman, 144 Alexandras avenue, 11471, Athens,  +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784,  email:  info@eccgreece.gr, website: http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/.

Before initiating the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, the buyer is obliged to contact the Company and make us aware of the problem they are facing, either via the telephone, telephone number 6977818559 or by mail, either an email, email address rollingyarn1@gmail.com or at  88 Ignatiou Str Petroupoli Po Box13231 Athens Greece so as to reach a compromise.

All parties, including the consumer, have the right to withdraw at any time from the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. The consumer can contact the aforementioned institution in case they need any help submitting and processing the complaint.

For further details and information regarding the alternative dispute resolution, you can visit the following website:


Our Company is subject to the Code of Conduct for ecommerce, which can be found here: https://bit.ly/2VIr4ql.